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A Thank You Letter

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters of the Uniondale School District for electing me as a Uniondale School District Board Trustee. I am honored and humbled that you have placed your trust in me. It has been so encouraging to meet and have a dialogue with so many new people. During my campaigning. I met not only new residents in Uniondale School District, but also longtime residents.

The support I felt on Election Day was incredible and I owe it to all of you. With your trust, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to help address challenges, and to secure lasting and meaningful improvements to the quality of educational needs of all of our children in our community.

Not only am I thankful for your support, but also for all the candidates who offer to serve their communities and seek solutions for public problems. It is not easy to put oneself out there in such a public forum, so I give credit to those with the initiative to do so. Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve.


Addie Blanco-Harvey Uniondale School District Board Trustee Elect

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