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The Nassau Hub

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

On June 26, the Uniondale community is hosting the forum of stakeholders in the Nassau Hub development project and other interested parties. In attendance will be 50 members each from Uniondale and adjacent communities, as well as Town and County elected officials, and representatives from the Hub development project. The aim is to give RXR Realty (the project developers) a platform to broaden community awareness of and answer questions about the Hub project

We will conduct the Q&A portion of the meeting by submitting questions, concerns, and comments in writing to the presenters. In order to present a unified voice that represents the values of the Greater Uniondale Area, we ask that you complete the form below to pose questions about the Nassau Hub project, raise any concerns you may have, and make any comments you think we or other stakeholders need to know. Questions and statements for the forum must be submitted by June 24. Responses received after that date will not be submitted for the forum but will be considered by GUAAC as we move forward with our involvement in this project. We appreciate your participation!

What is the Nassau Hub?

The property around the Nassau Coliseum has been contracted to become the Nassau Hub, dubbed by developers and investors as “a new suburbia,” an “Innovation District…where people can live, work, play, and innovate.”

Read more on the Nassau Hub website:

This area is the geographical center of both Uniondale and Nassau County, and GUAAC has a vested interest in all aspects of the Hub’s development and implementation.

GUAAC's Role

A Community Benefits Advisory Council has been established to ensure an ongoing collaborative process between developers and the community. GUAAC has assumed an active role on the Community Benefits Subcommittees, advocating on behalf of our community, ensuring this major development addresses the needs of Uniondale.

We want to hear from you! Reach out with questions and ideas for us to roll out in the upcoming Hub Community Benefits Subcommittee meetings.

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